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Oxford Educational Foundation Board Committees

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers of the Foundation.  They perform an annual evaluation of the Executive Director.

External Affairs:

The External Affairs Committee is the public relations link with the community. They are responsible for editing and distributing the OEF brochures and keeping the OEF website current. With the Executive Director, they maintain communication with the local press and provide news releases of OEF activities.

Internal Affairs:

IA initiates/supervises a Nominating Committee to ensure a full slate of OEF Board members, as required by the Bylaws. They initiate a review of the Memorandum of Agreement with the OASD and ensure it is submitted to the School Board for its annual approval. They maintain the OEF Board Member Manual and develop new policies as needed.

Mentors and Volunteers:

This committee works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator . They gather and analyze data related to the effectiveness of the Mentor/Tutor Program.  Working with the Coordinator, they arrange and staff the annual RSVP Breakfast (Randy Sebastian Volunteer Program).  They also assist the Coordinator with community outreach programs.

Special Projects (Professional Grants):

The Special Projects Committee annually contacts school staff and administrators to solicit their Requests For Proposals for special funding from the OEF. They review and evaluate the RFP’s and recommend to the OEF Board, which proposals should receive grants.  Funding can be for an individual program or for a project to benefit an entire school building (a Pittenger Grant).  Press Releases are then written and distributed to the press and OEF website.

Ways and Means Committee:

This committee manages the OEF finances, working with the Treasurer and the Executive Director of the OEF. The Committee supports the Executive Director' efforts to solicit donations from the community and local businesses and   applications for grants to support the work of the OEF. They prepare an annual budget and monitor the Endowment Investment accounts.  They also maintain the OEF membership list.


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