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2016-2017 School Year   Total = $28,268.59

It seems like change is a constant in our lives and the changes in today's world often happen quickly. However, the development and implementation of a school district's budget does not happen rapidly. As a result, the OEF strives to help the educators of our district facilitate the introduction of innovative ideas by awarding Professional Grants. These grants are for programs outside of the district's budget, and teachers are given four opportunities each year to apply for money up to $1,500 for each grant. In 2016 – 2017 school year, thirty-two grants were awarded – the highest number the OEF ever awarded in one school year. The awards totaled $28,268.59 – the highest yearly amount ever awarded in the OEF's sixteen year history of awarding grants. This brings the total amount awarded in those years to $201,240.60! These monies are generated by donations, legacy gifts, and membership fees. Hoping for another successful year, the OEF invites you to participate in this worthwhile endeavor. The charts below show a list of how the professional staff in the OASD utilized their grants in the past year. The Board of Directors is excited to continue this program and asks for your financial support.

Congratulations to all of the above named educators for working hard and reaching out to the OEF in order to help their students achieve their best. If you believe that education is the key to their futures and you find the above ventures to be interesting and meaningful, then the Oxford Educational Foundation asks you to consider supporting students and programs for this new school year with a donation. Large or small, your helpful funds will give the students of the Oxford area a helping hand and for that the Board of Directors of the OEF is very thankful.

Jordan Bank



Dianne Harris Children's author visit
Kimberly McCardell Calm Down Caddies
Germaine Baughman 8 Active Learning (WOBBLE) Chairs
Jason Baughman WOBBLE chairs, WOBBLE cushions, 7 Bands
David Hamburg & Germaine Baughman 8 OSMO kits for iPads
Elk Ridge
Helen Arot 3 iPad Air devices for IEP math and language arts goals
Shirley Hershey Storage shed for gardening tools (builders from Technical College High School)
Kimberly Blando 30 Bouncy Bands for desks
Anna Krueger Presentation of 3 assemblies from Brandywine Zoo
Linda Hicks 3 iPads
Scott Schaffer 30 Bouncy Bands to help fidgeting students
Rosemary Guarino & Denise Hicks 2 document cameras for grade 6
Mark Neff 3 Doodler Pens & supplies
STEM Expo support
Whiteboard tables for STEM design
1st STEM Fair prizes and refreshments
Kelly Midkiff 5 iPad minis for grade 5
6 standing desks
8 stools for classroom use
Jessica Hubbard & John Barcus 2 document cameras for grade 6
Courtney Shahadi 3 document cameras for 5th grade
Ann Hutchinson Action magazines for 5th grade
Julie Gennaro 4 stand up desks
Sara Hannum 8 sets of drums and percussion instruments
Leslie Gambrell Stand up desks
6 stools for classroom use
Lynda Krivansky Stand up desks
Penn's Grove
Duffy Sample Ulysses S. Grant reenactor
(co-sponsored by OAHA & OASD)
Oxford Area High School
Michelle Brooks Forensic kits for dissection & magnetism
Anne Marie Anderson & Craig Carlough Environmental field trip to Chesapeake Bay
Kevin Lentz 3 hard copy printings of high school newspaper
William Kromer Additional equipment for router set-up


2014-2015 School Year   Total = $8,647.56
Grantee School Grant/Program
Maule Hopewell Sound system
Johns Nottingham Visiting author
Wooddell OAHS iOS App Creation computer & program
Swisher Hopewell 4 mobile pocket projectors
Claus OAHS Chesapeake Bay Foundation field trip
Baughman Jordan Bank Apple TV and iPad Air
Anderson Nottingham DE museum of Natural History field trip
Logue et al Hopewell 2 ELMO (projector) Units for 5th grade math teachers
Gagliardi et al Hopewell 2 ELMO (projector) Units for 6th grade LA teachers
Midkiff Hopewell 5th grade Science Fair ribbons
Gajeski Penn’s Grove Science World Magazine


2013-2014 School Year   Total = $11,777.99
Grantee School Grant/Program
Chastain, et al Hopewell 2 ELMO (Projector) Units
Gambrell, et al Hopewell 2 ELMO (Projector) Units
Seaman Hopewell Stability Balls and Rack
McGinnis Elk Ridge e-books for Library
Pongracz Hopewell Accelerated Reader Enterprise – Book Quizzes
Johns Nottingham Visiting Author
Schaefer HW & PG 3 Replacement Robots for Robotic Teams
Pongracz Hopewell Visiting Author
Swisher& Smoker Hopewell Building Newspaper (Buzzette)
Thompson Elk Ridge Spanish Language Take Home’ Library
Guarino Hopewell Science Fair Ribbons
Hurrelbrinck Hopewell Hard copy Dictionary/Thesaurus
Hicks & Colon Nottingham Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils Assembly
Hershey & Conway Elk Ridge Raised Bed Garden Materials
Stalfire Penn’s Grove Jr. Scholastic Current Events Magazine


2012-2013 School Year   Total = $13,246.59
Grantee School Grant/Program
Holetan & Boyer Elk Ridge Mileage Club
Taylor Jordan Bank Sensory Materials
Swisher Penn’s Grove ATP & Science classes to Nottingham Park
Conway Elk Ridge SmartBoard for 1st grade class
Harris Jordan Bank Language Arts Lab materials
Seaman Hopewell Mileage Club materials
Malinowski Jordan Bank Math Games
Bachman Elk Ridge iPad for Learning Support Paraprofessional
Johns Nottingham Visiting Author
Haverly Nottingham 2 iPad minis for Special Needs Students
Anderson Nottingham Balance Balls
James Penn’s Grove CO2 Dragster Raceway System
Swisher & Smoker Hopewell School newspaper printing
Oliveri Elk Ridge 2nd grade Weather Books
Baughman Jordan Bank iPads
Hicks Nottingham Drama Club


2011-2012 School Year    Total = $11,085.46
Grantee School Grant/Program
Farber Elk Ridge Digital Piano
McCardell JB & ER Second Step Kits
Hash Nottingham Heritage Language Library
Harris Penn’s Grove Piano Books & HD Recorder
Ray Penn’s Grove Celebrating PRIDE
Kulesza Nottingham Wowzabrain
Johns Nottingham e-books for Library
Provence Jordan Bank Sensory Integration Equipment
Roken Nottingham Science Class Clickers
Hayes Elk Ridge Visiting Author
Hayes & McCardell Elk Ridge School Wide Positive Behavior Books


2010-2011 School Year    Total = $10,313.72
Grantee School Grant/Program
Malinowski Jordan Bank Interactive Whiteboard
Ray Penn’s Grove Portable Basketball Goals for lunch time recess
Maule Penn’s Grove Band Music Lyres
Johns Nottingham Visiting Author
Stenz Penn’s Grove Restorative Practices Training
McCardell JB & ER Second Step
Black Jordan Bank Interactive Whiteboard for Kindergarten Math
Baity Elk Ridge Theme Books to Extend Science and Math
McGinnis Elk Ridge Interactive Whiteboard for Library


2009-2010 School Year    Total = $5,308.14
Grantee School Grant/Program
Kromer & Bernreuther OAHS FIRST Tech Challenge Team expansion
Greer et al OAHS PSSA Motivational materials
Chastain & Hurrelbrinck Hopewell Language Arts Listening Centers for grade 5
Lauer & Wilbanks Penn’s Grove The Omnivore’s Dilemma books
McComsey & Brelinger Jordan Bank Intro to Kindergarten DVD materials


2008-2009 School Year   Total = 9,115.82




James Elk Ridge Mobile Ag Education Science Lab
Bernreuther NT,ER, & PG FIRST Lego League Expansion
Schaefer Penn’s Grove Senteo Interactive Remotes for Smartboards
Haggard Penn’s Grove Groundworks Algebraic Thinking for grades 7 & 8
Lancz Jordan Bank Reading and Math Game Packs for ESL take-home
Weigner Penn’s Grove Sentence Building Game for 8th grade
Davis OAHS Teaching Tolerance Program materials
Harris Jordan Bank Parent Resource Center for Title 1 students
McComsey Jordan Bank Intro to Kindergarten DVD


2007 – 2008 School Year    Total = $7,327.15
Grantee School Grant/Program
Urig OAHS Project REEL materials for AP Chemistry pilot research program
Shaffer Penn’s Grove Sensory Input materials
James Penn’s Grove Machine Kits to develop engineering skills
Roberts et al Penn’s Grove Literature Circle books
Black Jordan Bank Reading Rods for extended day Kindergarten
Johns Nottingham Visiting Author


2006-2007 School Year   Total = $7,541.15
Grantee School Grant/Program
Hamburg Penn’s Grove Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Hicks & Vendrick Nottingham “First in Math” online skills builder
Baird et al Nottingham “Reading A-Z”  online skills builder
Milner Penn’s Grove FIRST Lego League expansion
Urig OAHS Project REEL materials for ATP Chem pilot research program
Teel Penn’s Grove Illustrated Classics for lower level readers
Andress Nottingham Multi-Cultural resource material
Freas Elk Ridge ReadingPen Tools for ESL
Harris Jordan Bank Learning Station materials for emergent readers
McComsey Jordan Bank Fun-Pak language building games for ESL


2005-2006 School Year    Total = $7,802.00
Grantee School Grant/Program
Schlagnhaufer OAHS Intra-school student travel for Punkin Chunkin Program
Foster OAHS Health Resource Room material
Lamont Jordan Bank Reading Mentor Kits
Shaffer Penn’s Grove High Interest Level books for low level readers
Milner Penn’s Grove FIRST Lego League
Shaffer Penn’s Grove Sensory Input materials
Samples & Stalfire Penn’s Grove Traveling Science & History Shows
Gehring Elk Ridge Computer & software for music practice feedback
Schlagnhaufer OAHS FIRST WVEX Challenge
Lancz Jordan Bank Listening Center for Kindergarten ESL
Black Jordan Bank Supplemental science and social studies materials


2004 – 2005 School Year    Total = $7,381.95
Grantee School Grant/Program
Hewitt Elk Ridge Homework Club
Maule Penn’s Grove Software to professionally print music compositions
Rita OAHS Computer Training License fees
McComsey Jordan Bank LeapFrog Schoolhouse for ESL students
Gregan Elk Ridge Professional Resource Books for Language Arts staff
Black Jordan Bank “Jump Start” software


2003-2004 School Year    Total = $6,634.00
Grantee School Grant/Program
Hewitt Elk Ridge Homework Club
McComsey Jordan Bank Bi-Lingual Books for home & school
Schad Nottingham Reading Fluency & Comprehension Program
Gregan Elk Ridge “Good-bye Round Robin” books for Language Arts teachers
Schaefer Penn’s Grove “Sound Effects” hardware
Keefer Jordan Bank 3rd and 4th Octave Hand Bells
Rector Nottingham Kindness Week posters


2002-2003 School Year    Total = $6,420.00
Grantee School Grant/Program
Conway Jordan Bank Wiggleworks Literature Collection
Farber Jordan Bank Xylophones for music program
Pipkin-Perry OAHS “Summer School” Internet Based Program
Gregan Elk Ridge “Strategies That Work” books for Language Arts teachers
Hess OAHS GLOBE internet based Earth Science program
Steele & Stefanisko ER & OAHS Peer Mediation Training


2001-2002 School Year    Total = $9,044.00
Grantee School Grant/Program
Mendenhall OAHS Digital Camera for Broadcaster paper
Withiam & Brown OAHS Parenting Education Program
Holeton & Boyer Nottingham Supplies & Charms for Mileage Club
Hewitt et al Elk Ridge Mexican Cultural Study
Goldsmith et al OAHS Heartsaver CPR
Keefer Jordan Bank 1st grade Hand Chimes
Abel & Pedroso Nottingham “Splashing” Reading Program


2000-2001 School Year   Total = $5,706.00
Grantee School Grant/Program
unknown Penn’s Grove CPR manikins, course materials, & baby sitting class materials
unknown OAHS Digital Imaging Equipment for Art Department
unknown OAHS Industrial Sewing Machine for Textile Design
unknown Elk Ridge Reading Software for Classroom & Library
unknown NT & OAHS Chums Books for Mentoring by Students
unknown Jordan Bank Teacher Mentoring Video



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