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Lend your time and talent to be a mentor, tutor or foundation volunteer.  Our volunteers find that their time working with students is not only beneficial to them, but also a rewarding experience for the volunteers themselves.

Ways to Participate

There are 2 categories of volunteers who work through the OEF:

Assistive Volunteers – Work under the direction of a teacher and do not have unsupervised contact with students. For example: Homeroom parent, Classroom assistant


Independent Volunteers – Provide direct services to students under the supervision of a teacher and may have unsupervised contact with students. For example: Tutor, Mentor

There are 3 clearances required for all OEF Volunteers:

  • Pennsylvania State Police – Criminal Records check
  • Dept. of Public Welfare – Child Abuse check
  • FBI Fingerprint Clearance

The Oxford Educational Foundation will pay any fees for clearances for all of our volunteers; clearances are valid for 5 years.

Classroom Volunteer

The OEF Volunteers are integral to both teachers and students. Volunteers help in the classroom on a regular or an occasional basis. Below are some examples of volunteer needs:

  • Classroom aide
  • Preparing teaching materials
  • Providing bilingual help for students who may be struggling
  • Library or clerical help


The OEF provides tutors to supplement classroom learning at all levels. In addition to helping the students with subject matter, the tutor can become a role model and instill confidence. In order to assure the safety of our students, the Oxford Area School District requires clearances; the OEF will pay any fees.


The OEF provides mentors to students of all ages. A Mentor does not assume the role of a teacher or parent; a mentor is an adult friend who fosters a one-on-one relationship with a student. Activities might include talking about the student’s interests or playing a learning game with younger students. Goals of the mentoring relationship include:

  • Improving the student’s self-confidence
  • Encouraging the student to do their best in the classroom

OEF Community Adults as Resources for Education (CARES)

OEF CARES is a  database that has been created whereby people in our community can share their expertise and provide resources with teachers by email, phone, or a classroom visit. Teachers often have to cover a wide range of subject material, and their experience, research, and text books can provide a good foundation for their classroom presentations.   There may be cases when additional information is sought.   Members of the community have a wide range of education, work experience, and other interests.   The Foundation seeks volunteers to be guest speakers and email pen-pals with teachers, similar to “phone a friend” on a popular game show.  The goal is to help students make connections between careers and the classroom, thereby expanding their thinking beyond the classroom.  People with specialized knowledge, experience, and skill can easily support the students in this manner.

The areas that can be helpful to the faculty include:

  1. Knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering
  2. Experience in government
  3. Knowledge of local history
  4. Experience in the Armed Services
  5. Experience in travel to other parts of the U.S, and other countries
  6. Experience in written, visual arts, or performing arts
  7. Witness to or experience with significant historical events
  8. Unique collections
  9. Other specialized interests

The manner by which the knowledge and experience of community members is conveyed to a teacher will be determined by agreement of the community member and the teacher.   Expected methods are telephone, email, or in person.  In addition, the community member might deliver a classroom presentation.

This program is for contact between a community member and a teacher.  It is not for unmonitored contact between a community member and students, therefore a background check of the community member is not required.

Senior Citizens

Seniors, ages 65 years old and older, can earn a tax credit for volunteering with OEF.  Participants have the opportunity to accrue up to 100 hours of service in exchange for up to $650 after their current year taxes have been paid.  Checks are mailed out by June thirtieth of each year.

Program Areas Needed:

  • Art Assistant
  • Classroom Aide
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Emeritus Maintenance
  • Help
  • Cafeteria Assistant
  • Computer Assistant
  • Library Assistant
  • Music Assistant

Please Note: Applications are available at the Oxford Area School District Tax Office.  In addition to the application all participants MUST submit and pass the request for a Federal Criminal History Record Check (Act 114), a PA State Criminal Background Check (Act 34) and a Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151). The fees for clearances will be paid by the OEF for OEF volunteers.

The Oxford Area School District reserves the right to discontinue the Property Tax – Senior Citizen Volunteer Program at any time.  Should this occur, participants will be given tax credit for their hours of service.

Please return applications to the Oxford Area School District Tax Office.

RSVP Award Winner 2022

Lois Pyle

At the conclusion of each school year the OEF presents the annual Randy Sebastian Volunteer Person of the Year award.  This school year we recognize Lois Pyle.  Lois graduated from OASD in 1965.  Her education began at the Maple Grove one room school house near Hickory Hill and then she moved to the new elementary school (now Jordan Bank).  She was the first class in this building in 1953.

Lois worked for OASD as a reading tutor.  Family obligations called her away from this position. Upon her return to Oxford, Lois sought opportunities to volunteer in elementary classrooms.  Lois has been a volunteer since 2015.  She volunteers a full day and works with groups of children, primarily reading to them.

We look forward to many more volunteer years with Lois!


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