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Pittenger Grant

For Principals

The OEF awards a Pittenger Grant each year, in a competitive process, to a school building principal. The Grant commemorates the work and vision of John C. Pittenger, who helped create the Foundation.  John believed passionately in the importance of education, having served as PA Secretary of Education, as a Professor at Harvard, and as Dean of Rutgers Law School.  The Pittenger Grant funds important educational goals that can impact an entire building.

Grant Winners

2021: Dr. Nicole Addis, Principal of Hopewell

2021: Dr. David Hamburg, Principal of Jordan Bank Kindergarten Center

2020: Tami Motes, Principal of Hopewell

The Pittenger grant will provide up to $5000 for Forensics Kits that will provide hands-on learning and problem solving for eight grade students.  Forensic Science is a multidisciplinary field that requires critical thinking skills, teamwork, and a knowledge base of math, science, and language arts. The kits will enhance the approved science content and encourage possible opportunities in STEM fields.

2019: Herbert Hayes, Principal of Elk Ridge Elementary School

Principal Hayes used his $5,000 Pittenger Grant to purchase “Breakout Kits”. The kits incorporate STEM activities in a novel game that builds skills in critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

2018: Lisa Yingst-Pyle, Principal of Nottingham Elementary

Nottingham School gained a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) room with the support of a Pittenger Grant.  The STEAM room is a highly engaging environment that helps students get excited about learning

2016: Christopher Dormer, Principal of Oxford Area High School

The OEF awarded a $10,000 Grant to Principal Dormer to help purchase a new Projector for the High School auditorium.  The projector and sound system that were installed in the new high school no longer met the needs of the school or the community.  Although larger than a typical Pittenger grant, the OEF felt the projector would benefit a large number of community and school events.

2015: Dr. Nicole Addis, Principal of Hopewell Elementary School

Dr. Addis created an elementary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) room with her $5,000 Grant.  She established the first elementary STEM room in Chester County.  The room introduces design and experiment concepts that provide a building block for STEM programs at the secondary level

2013: Shared by Jordan Bank (Mr. Hamburg), Hopewell (Dr. Addis) and High School (Mr. Farina)

When several proposals addressed the need for more active and passive outdoor learning areas, the OEF decided to fund all three of them. The schools were awarded a total of $9,135 to create the learning spaces.  The Jordan Bank grant was used to create a garden area in a space that was already used for outdoor learning.  The Hopewell grant established a butterfly garden in the school’s courtyard. And the High School grant enabled the creation of a vegetable garden that would be used by several classes and clubs in the school.

2011: Lisa Stenz, Principal of Penn’s Grove Middle School

Principal Stenz was the recipient of the first Pittenger Grant.  She was prompted by several students to look at the “Rachel’s Challenge” program. It was named for the first Columbine victim and aims to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. Building wide assemblies and trained peer leaders are used to break the cycle of repeated bullying.


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